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Whitney Houston's Comeback

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Whitney fans, rejoice! After years of nothing but bad news on the singer's life -- drug problems, health issues, legal battle with father John Houston, divorce with singer Bobby Brown, and financial problems -- Whitney will finally stage a comeback with an as-yet-untitled album on Arista Records, set for September 1 release, according to Billboard.

This album is readied for release even as early as now, with Whitney's official website running track previews of her up-coming album. Producers and songwriters who believe in the singer's great voice is said to be helping in the creation of the comeback album, namely, Sean Garrett and Akon.

"The voice is there; I don't think anyone could ever take that from her. As long as we apply that voice to hit records, she'll be right back where she left off," Akon told Billboard in 2007.

Source: Billboard
Photo: Getty Images

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I hope her voice is still there. Crack kills.

But I will say this, she has always had an amazing voice and I liked her before all that garbage that happened to her.

Maybe it will be worth it.

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