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American Idol Double Elimination for Thia Megia and Naima Adedapo

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"I'm glad the last song I did on the show was dedicated to my brother," Thia Megia said after last Friday's double elimination wherein she and fellow American Idol contestant Naima Adedapo finally left the Idol stage for good. Thia refers to "Daniel" as her swan song in said show. The judges thought her rendition of the classic Elton John song was safe but which she said she poured her heart out on because she dedicated it to her older brother.

Naima Adedapo's reggae take on "I'm Still Standing" may have displeased the judges and the American Idol audiences, and her colorful persona and interesting dance moves were not enough to send her through to the next week. "Sometimes people just didn't know where to place me," Adedapo said when asked if her outrageous style was conflicting with American Idol audiences' preference to get to the best vocalists in the bunch.

The double elimination reduced fellow American Idol contestant Lauren Alaina to tears, perhaps because Adedapo has gotten close to the 16-year-old during the finals run. The teenager considers Adedapo a mother figure who has always encouraged her to be more confident of her talent and in herself. Losing Thia Megia became a personal double blow to Alaina, who enjoyed bonding with someone her own age in classes and rehearsals and all during the punishing American Idol finals run.

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