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Jessica Simpson Trades a Boat for a Ring?


TransWorld News reported on Jessica Simpson's bank-breaking birthday gift to boyfriend Tony Romo. Apparently, sky's the limit for Jessica when she shelled out $100,000 to buy Tony a speedboat for his 28th birthday. Jess surprised Tony with this huge and expensive gift in their home in Texas.

“Jessica knows that Tony has always wanted a boat,” says a source. So what's a good girlfriend to do but buy one? The source further says Jess has an ulterior motive for gifting her Dallas Cowboys quarterback boyfriend with such an expensive trifle. The insider says Jess hopes Tony would respond in similar fashion and give her a wedding ring in the immediate future.

You people! Can't a girl give a small thing like a boat to her boyfriend anymore without you reading more into it? Sheesh!

Source: TransWorld News
Photo: AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez

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Good sight going here... see it's not too hard to get started... keep up the good work.
I like Jessica Simpson (she's hot) and look forward to more posts.

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