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Nude Madonna and Her (ex) Man Painting Sells

The anonymous collector is probably a fan. Glasgow artist Peter Howson's painting of pop star Madonna -- nude -- with former husband Guy Ritchie has been sold to a buyer outside Scotland, who bought the oil painting way above its reserve price of $24,000 required by McTear's Auctioneers in Glasgow, according to BBC.

The painting "Madonna & Guy" was made in 2005 and is one of many portraits of the pop star in varying states of undress. It failed to sell at an auction last month, but nailed the sale this month for an "excellent price", considering that Madonna and ex-husband Guy Ritchie divorced last November after an 8-year marriage.

The oil painting depicts two figures in the nude, with the female figure reclining and the male figure resting his hand on her thigh. No insult to the artist, but if he called this art work "Jon and Kate", my art-idiot self will probably believe him.

Source: BBC

Photo: PA

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