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It's Gonna be One Hot Summer with Glee's Matthew Morrison

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Glee's coolest teacher -- Mr. Schue -- is megawatt-hot this summer. Despite rumors that the highly-successful Glee show will be ending soon, Matthew Morrison says he is "still in Glee mode right now,” disclosing this trivia to Ryan Seacrest on E! News.

Glee may end soon, but Matthew Morrison's musical talent can no longer be contained by the television box alone. As a matter of fact, Morrison will take a musical journey this summer, beginning in June in Minneapolis until July in Los Angeles, showcasing his delightful talent with music evoking a "'40s and '50s New York feel."

Morrison will be on 20 cities for this musical trip, and several A-listers are expected to join him in some of these gigs, such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Elton John. These Hollywood biggies collaborated with Morrison and were featured in his solo album.

Gleeks are already in that delicious stage of anticipation, awaiting the arrival of the hottie Glee teacher in their cities. Presales start April 4.

Source: E! Online

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