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David and Victoria Beckham's Split -- only on Twitter


Hollywood split-ups may have become common these days, but please rule out the Beckhams. They're not the Gores, nor Sandy and Jesse. And the rumor circulating at Twitter that they are on the verge of calling it quits is "Nonsense", so David and Victoria Beckham says according to the Daily Mail.

The Twitter rumor started when PR guy Andrew Bloch tweeted: "I am hearing from a number of sources that Victoria and David Beckham are due to announce their separation in a few hours."

The couple swiftly denied the rumor through David Beckham's long-time publicist Simon Oliviera, who tweeted Bloch back saying: "Didn't know you were the new Perez Hilton. I think I would be aware of that, utter nonsense. Have a word with your sources."

Although Bloch has since tweeted an update that the rumor is indeed a figment of imagination, the rumor has already circulated Twitterdom. Like smoke, it escaped to the Internet ether and picked up by websites and blogs, like this one.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

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