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Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart Got Married -- in Jeans!

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They finally did it, and how! "Indiana Jones" Harrison Ford get married to long-time partner "Ally McBeal" Calista Flockhart -- he in Wrangler jeans and she in a white sundress. PopEater called it "the icing on the cake" of the couple's "eight-year relationship and 16-month engagement." And it was casual.

It was held outdoors in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Harrison Ford was filming "Cowboys & Aliens". He had the day off from work, right? So what the heck, let's get married!

Their inner circle are happy for the couple. Ford's son, Ben, says: "I think it is wonderful that they finally made it legit. It is really terrific news." Costume designer Bernie Pollack, a close friend, thought "This [marriage] will only enhance what they already had . . . They're both honest in their approach to life and to each other."


Source: PopEater
Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

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So happy for them. They seem like normal people, rare in Hollywood.

I can't believe they gone this far. I always thought things will not work out with them, 'coz you know both celebrity! But i am truly happy for them i just hope this is just a beginning of more wonderful and successful relationship...
Steve, Barbarich

Who would thought that their relationship will end up to marriage. I am happy for both of them, hope they will really last for a lifetime.

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