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Michael Jackson's 3 Kids Get $33M Each

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Everyone thought Michael Jackson was broke when he died. News of the World (NOTW) reveals that he has left his children an incredibly large amount of money. The fortune will make his children -- 13-year-old Prince, 12-year-old Paris, and 8-year-old Blanket -- billionaires by 40. If they're careful with their spending, that is.

According to NOTW, Michael Jackson really died broke, but his death made him so popular that his lawyers cashed in on this through movie and music deals that got him $300M.

Michael Jackson's will splits this fortune 40-40-20 to his 3 children, his mother, and to charity. This leaves a trust fund of $33 million to each child. At 21, they will have access to a third of their money. At 30, half of it. And at 40, they get it in full.

His will forgot to mention his ex-wives, brothers, sisters, dad, and close friends.

This has caused "disquiet among Jackson family members," according to NOTW.

Source: NOTW
Photo: AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

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