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Is iPad-Toting Suri Cruise Spoiled?

When you're a Hollywood A-lister couple, you naturally spend a lot of money on trivial matters like designer clothes, bags, jewelries, beach-front houses, sprawling mansions, cars, whatever. But does it mean you are compelled to spend lavishly on your 4-year old child as well?

Take the case of Suri Cruise, the daughter of Hollywood couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Their darling baby was seen recently dining with her showbiz royalty parents sporting an iPad! Life & Style reported that when the family dined at Il Cantinori, she tinkered with her iPad for 20 minutes as the adults conversed around the table. Normally, children her age will be lucky to get a toy priced at $100. Suri's iPad is at the $499-$829 price range!

This makes you wonder if, together with her 100 pairs of shoes and a packed designer wardrobe, this junior A-lister is just a bit on the side of spoiled?

Source: Life & Style
Photo: GSI Media

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