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Celine Dion's Twin Pregnancy

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After last year's ups and downs in the personal life of Celine Dion and husband René Angélil, courtesy of expecting their second child and losing it months later in November, E! News reports that the couple is expecting again this year. Not just a second, but a third child as well. Twins! From a zero last year to double this year, not bad for the Canadian crooner long struggling to be a mom again.

Angelil, who is also Celine Dion's manager, disclosed that they were not discouraged after losing the baby last year. "... We put our faith in life and in the stars," he said in an interview shortly after their loss last year.

Several in-vitro fertilization and acupuncture treatments later, Celine Dion will finally become a mother to twins, being 14 weeks pregnant as of this writing.

Their first child, by the way, was also conceived in-vitro.

Source: E! News
Photo: Gérard Schachmes

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