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"Transformers 3" Minus Megan Fox

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A lot of buzz has been going on for weeks about Megan Fox being dropped from the highly-successful "Transformers" movie series. Turns out there's some truth to it. "Transformers 3" will have British Victoria's Secret Angel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as replacement for Megan Fox. So, what do you think?

Apparently, Megan Fox' contribution to the first two "Transformers" movies as Shia LaBeouf's sultry love interest cannot overcome the nagatives that came from her propensity to make attention-grabbing comments to the press. The final straw seems to be her public conflict with "Transformers" director Michael Bay that happened last year when "Transformers 2" was released.

Enter Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who has worked before with Michael Bay on several Victoria’s Secret pictorials. The 23-year-old Brit has no acting experience. A VS runway model in 2006, a Hollywood star in 2010. Talk about luck, or is it connections?

To learn more about the new "Transformers" lady who will soon deal with the shape-shifting machines, The Frisky wrote down a few facts about her here.

Source: The Frisky
Photo: Splash News

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