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Sandra Bullock's Dinner Breakdown

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Oscar winner Sandra Bullock has been keeping a low profile after news of her husband Jesse James' cheating broke out. Now X17 Online reported on America's sweetheart's break down over dinner recently with family and close friends. Showing signs that the scandal is taking a toll on the poor woman, a source told X17 Online that in an L.A. dinner with friends:

"Sandy broke down at one point but she came right back. She is talking about her next move. So sad and tragic. She is talking a lot about emails the kids are sending to her. It’s really emotional here right now."

This as Sandra Bullock meets with divorce lawyers to put an end to her nightmare of a marriage.

It's really true that the winner takes it all -- Oscars and crap at the same time. Hang in there, Sandy!

Source: X17 Online
Photo: AP Photo/Matt Sayles

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