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New Moon: Pale Version of Twilight?

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“The Twilight Saga: New Moon," maybe a hit with the teenage fans, but critics are lambasting the new Hollywood movie based on the best-selling vampire romance series created by Stephenie Meyers.

The Boston Globe, in particular, waxed eloquent, saying that the Hollywood sequel to last year's "Twilight" is "an anemic comedown after the full-blooded swoon" of the first movie. Critics complain of the dirge-like pacing of the story. They scored it low on dialogue and musical score, saying that these "bring out the book’s worst daytime soap tendencies."

The acting wasn't spared either, with Hollywood actor Robert Pattinson’s acting described as "all emo posturing", adding that "the actor suddenly seems to be embarrassed" to be in the movie."

Source: Boston Globe
Photo: AP Photo/Summit Entertainment, Kimberley French

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