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LiLo: Face-Flat into an Agave Plant!


What's up with Lindsay Lohan these days? Better yet, what's down? Despite her recent announcement that she's now clean of drugs and alcohol, her stumble in an LA house party this week left witnesses wondering if she's now really out of trouble.

The New York Post reported on LiLo's undignified fall -- face-flat into an agave plant -- which LiLo claimed is the paparazzi's fault: "You guys pushed me," which they denied. Sources say LiLo is already a mess earlier at the Chateau Marmont. She freaked out over a lost handbag, screamed to somebody on the phone inside the toilet, and told some partygoer to get lost.

Is this party-mode LiLo? Grumpy or not -- LiLo is undeniably every photographer's delight!

Source: The New York Post
Photo: PopEater

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