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Who Will Replace Oprah?

Can anyone imagine TV without Oprah? Hard as it may seem to imagine, one thing is for sure: the TV-loving world will never be the same without the Queen of Talk - Oprah Winfrey. And when word got out that Oprah's self-titled TV show will end in 2011, talks of who will replace Queen Oprah at the throne of TV talk are becoming louder and louder.

The recent Hollywood news from PopEater is that there maybe several worthy contenders to the throne. PopEater says Ellen DeGeneres is a good candidate, having the gift of gab herself. Sarah Palin, on the other hand, has post-election fame and popularity, but it's a no-go because her political history may alienate massive portions of the viewing public.

Whoopi Goldberg can ditch the 'View' in favor of Oprah; she has the skills, smarts, and experience for it, while Ryan Seacrest can't shed his "interviewer" image and imbibe enough personality for daytime talk.

Source: PopEater
Photo: AP/Getty Images

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