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Shakira-Style Dancing Lawsuit Dismissed

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Readers of The New York Post have been having a lively discussion on the merits of the dismissed case filed by 21-year old Megan Zacher, who will now go down in history as the girl who can't "Shake It Like Shakira."

Megan filed a lawsuit against Calico Jack's Cantina after falling down and shredding some knee ligaments as she danced in the bar's "Shake It Like Shakira" contest. Her suit claims that the bar should have told contestants that Shakira's signature hip-gyrations was "dangerous and likely to cause injury."

. . . Please wait while I lower my eyebrow. The left.

NY Post readers are passionate in their opinions, ranging from rants: "moonbat liberal loons who think others should pay for your own suptidity" to a sober "the girls were sprayed with water from the bar, creating a dangerous condition which caused substantial injuries."

Source: The NY Post
Photo: Getty Images

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