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What Happened to Demi Moore's Hip?

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Sad days when a woman has to defend her hips, or the disappearance of it, from the world at large. The latest Hollywood news from the Huffington Post revolves around the "Photoshopping" efforts made on 47-year old Demi Moore's hips for the December issue of W magazine. In the cover, Hollywood actress Demi Moore wears a gold Balmain leotard, appearing incredibly thin.

While Photoshopping an image is a common occurrence in the magazine world, the Huffington Post wonders why Demi Moore's cover pic made an "anatomical wonder" out of the stunning actress. A closer look at her left hip in the photo seems to suggest a missing chunk!

Demi Moore denies she has been a victim of a botched Photoshop job, and has been defending her hips in her Twitter posts. She says she has been in the "skinny side lately", and tweets testily: “my hips were not touched don't let these people bullshit you!”

Source: Huffington Post
Photo: W magazine via Huffington Post

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