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What's Wrong With Mischa Barton?

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There are so many questions than answers over the "involuntary psychiatric hold" ordered by the Los Angeles Police Department for OC star Mischa Barton. Access Hollywood reports that authorities responded to a non-911 call from Mischa Barton's residence and shortly upon arrival at the actress' home began assisting Mischa Barton with a “medical issue."

An LAPD source told Access Hollywood that Mischa Barton was placed under Section 5150of the California Welfare and Institutions Code. 5150 allows authorities to hold a person involuntarily if they present a danger to themselves or others, or are gravely disabled, or suffer from a mental disorder. By the way, this same code held Britney Spears twice in LA last year.

Why was a non-911 call made? What was the "medical issue" that Mischa Barton had? Why was she placed under 5150? One thing is answered, though, the British-born actress will miss the premiere of her new movie Homecoming in New York because of this.

Source: Access Hollywood

Photo: AP Photo/Peter Kramer

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