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Hermione as Marilyn Manson's Cinderella?

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Emma Watson, the wholesome Hermione in the phenomenally successful "Harry Potter" series, is leaving boy-next-door Daniel Radcliffe for notorious shock rocker Marilyn Manson. Eh? How's that again? Sun UK worries over how Emma Watson is going to cope with her new film role as glass-slippered Cinderella in a Goth-inspired musical thought up by Marilyn Manson himself.

The pretty lass may be in over her head, considering that this will be her first film appearance outside of the Harry Potter franchise. Emma Watson, after all, grew up in front of audience' eyes sharing screen time with good-looking Daniel Radcliffe. This decision to sing in a dark film with Marilyn Manson is brave, brave indeed.

Source: Sun UK

Photo: Getty Images

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