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Superfan says Britney Spears Saved Her Life

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A light in the darkness. Who would've imagined Britney Spears could be like that to anyone, if at all? Begone, unbelievers! Apparently, there are quite a lot of Britney Spears fans who thought Britney Spears saved them from their own personal hell. According to Newsweek, a new documentary called "Britney Spears Saved My Life" will be debuting this month on BBC and the docu will present some die-hard Britney Spears fans who followed her tumultuous love and life and totally connected with her on this profound level. And when the going got tough for these troubled fans, the tough turned to Britney Spears stories splashed on morning tabloids and seemingly felt better afterward.

In the film, fans claim Britney Spears inspired them in the darkest and most confusing moments of their lives as they battled their own eating disorders and varying stages of depression. Maybe it's the music, because music is after all therapeutic. Think "Oops, I Did it Again!" Or was it because Britney Spears was messed up on such a grand scale back then that other mess-ups paled in comparison?

Role models are made, not born, in Hollywood.

Source: NewsWeek

Photo: AP Photo/Matt Sayles

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