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Michael Jackson's Kids Unmasked


12-year old Prince Michael and 11-year old Paris are showbiz celebrities, having Michael Jackson for their biological father. And yet it's rare to get a glimpse of these kids, being constantly guarded by huge bodyguards wherever they go, and wearing masks all the time! But the Daily Mail recently caught a glimpse of the kids unmasked as they walked through a car park at a Los Angeles studio.

Turns out, these are two lovely-looking, albeit unsmiling kids. They don't look like their father but has similarities more with mom Debbie Rowe, who married Jacko in 1996. They look like normal kids, but when they realized they were spotted unmasked, went out later on with the masks on. It's not medical masks, the kind you use to ward off swine flu. They wore carnival masks! Hope these kids are ok.

Source: Daily Mail (UK)
Photo: Splash News

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