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Tin "Cannes" Alley?

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Are Cannes' glory days of chic, glamour and sophistication truly gone? Apparently so. The beaches of Cannes are littered with crass personalities with hardly an ounce of Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn or Bette Davis in their styles. Most people congregate to Cannes during the festival that has no business being in the event. They are party-goers who love the gregarious scene during festival season, and in no way connected to the film industry, if at all.

Legitimate and long-time Cannes attendees mourn the 60s when the crowd is "more classy". Hollywood A-listers quickly abandon Cannes after doing their required premier and party duties, while those few who are left, like Jim Carrey and Brad Pitt, hide in their rooms. It's all downhill after that, with the likes of Paris Hilton hosting a yearly party in Cannes -- for fun, what else?

Source: MailOnline

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