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Jessica Biel: my "hotness" is a problem

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For Jessica Biel, her body and good looks are the main culprit why she doesn't always get the plum roles in Hollywood films. Despite her performance in The Illusionist that earned her decent reviews, good roles are still not hers for the picking, so she tells Allure magazine. She envies the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman, who can do so.

Biel, whose recent film -- Powder Blue -- went straight to DVD, is better known for her high-profile dates than her acting portfolio. She is currently dating Justin Timberlake, and has been linked to Derek Jeter and Chris Evans in the past.

Good roles, good roles. Aren’t those given to good actresses? Just asking...

Photo: AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

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I found your blog and all your posts highly enjoyable and a nice break from revision!
I'll definitely be following this one, gonna go check out some of your others later too :)
Thanks so much for your lovely feedback btw...I really appreciate it :)


Yeah, that is what I thought.

The best she will ever do is 7th Heaven.
1. Yes, I did actually watch that show at one point.
2. She was the worst one there, if that statement is believable at all.

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