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Brangelina Lovefest in BreakupVille?


Are critics reading too much body language from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Cannes Film Festival? The tattle at the Cannes party scene is that there appears to be awkwardness and distractedness in the actions and gestures of both Brad and Angie, despite putting up a show of togetherness. The Sun called in body language expert Robert Phipps and he says he is "convinced they are not happy."

Blame it on the heat of the Cannes sun, but this recent appearance is indeed a far cry from last year, where the pair attended the French film festival to promote Angie's film Changeling, and where they kissed constantly and Angie was all smiles and praises for Brad.

Possible reasons for the lukewarm display this year? Work, differences in personality, opinions and intelligence, and... Jennifer Aniston?

Source: The Sun
Photo: AP Photo/Matt Sayles

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