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Daddy Lohan: I Didn't Threaten to Kill My Fiancée

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Leave it to the Lohans. Is it because Lindsay is surprisingly silent these past weeks that Dad Michael has to pinch hit for her to keep feeding the rumor mill? Michael Lohan is facing a misdemeanor charge for aggravated harassment wherein he allegedly got into an altercation last March 18 with his fiancée Erin Muller and threatened to kill her.

"He allegedly called Erin Muller on the telephone and stated in sum and substance that he would kill her and himself if Erin Muller left him," according to Suffolk County D.A. Lohan counters by telling E! News that it isn't so, and that Erin has told the court that she won't pursue the charged and will let it all drop. He claims that the media just blew the whole thing out of proportion.

Source: E! Online
Photo: Gary Gershoff / Getty Images

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