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Paris Hilton Sex Video Still "Painful"


To this day, Paris Hilton still feels "humiliated" over the X-rated sex video taken by her ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon of one of their intimate trysts, and sold as a lucrative business venture, according to Sun (UK).

Paris Hilton is still furious over the video and says she will never forgive Rick Salomon for exploiting her, claiming, "It was definitely very painful. . . When you trust someone and love someone - for them to do that to you, it's really hard. It's something that bothers me every day."

Paris Hilton's popularity sky-rocketed world-wide because of the circulation of the video, titled "A Night in Paris," an amazing feat considering that in the video, Paris' acrobatics with Rick Salomon was desultory at best, perhaps even "boring", because she broke off at one point to answer her cell phone!

Source: Sun (UK)

Photo: AP Photo/Evan Agostini

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