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Idol Staff Celebrate Paula Abdul's Departure

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Ryan Seacrest maybe sorry to see Paula Abdul resign as one of American Idol's judges, but the Chicago Sun-Times reports that he's perhaps the only one. Key Idol staff members are actually thrilled over her leaving, saying: "Can’t you hear our celebration? We broke out the good champagne tonight."

Why the cheers? Sources from the inner-circle of Idol say: "We are so tired of Paula’s tantrums, her constant diva behavior. ... She took the concept of ‘difficult’ to a whole new level. Thank God she’s gone."

Why did Paula Abdul leave American Idol? Reportedly, Paula Abdul wanted close to the same $45 million 3-yr deal that Ryan Seacrest recently inked with the American Idol management, and refused the final offer that would have doubled her annual salary of around $3 million. Rusty mathematics will show that's a measly $18 million in 3 years.

American Idol producers are confident the show will be fine despite Paula Abdul's leaving, and are already considering many singers to replace Paula, namely Diana Ross and Natalie Cole.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

Photo: AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

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