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Worst Reality TV Shows


Reality TV shows are hot these past few years. Viewers' tastes have evolved from the conventional writer-conceived story plots to dynamic, in-your-face, real and NOW, events that unfold in reality TV shows. Reality TV shows may be revolutionary, but there are bunches of them that, according to Entertainment Weekly, are really "scary bad.”

BRITNEY AND KEVIN: CHAOTIC began with a question to viewers: "Can you handle my truth?" Apparently not, since the reality TV show turned out to be blandly narcissistic, a great American love story that ended in divorce.

BOY MEETS BOY could have been groundbreaking with its same-sex dating concept, but turned out to be cruel, offensive, and boring. Why? It's not real when half of the participants just pretended to be gay.

SKATING WITH CELEBRITIES is a spin-off of Dancing With the Stars, and not in a good way.

WHO WANTS TO MARRY A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE? ushered reality TV nuptials, but was resting on unreal grounds after all. The groom's net worth and background was questionable, so the bride annulled the union in less than two weeks.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Photo: Kelsey McNeal/Fox

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