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Angelina Jolie Out-earns Jennifer Aniston

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Angelina Jolie may be a famous do-gooder and jet-setting parent, but she's also a butt-kicking actress who earned an estimated $27 million last year, making her the highest earning female celebrity in Forbes' list. Her film, Wanted, earned a whooping $341 million worldwide, and her next film, Salt, is already money in the bank because she gets a big upfront paycheck for playing a disgraced CIA agent.

Coincidences! Jennifer Aniston is a close second in Forbes' list, earning $25 million for her work in the $244 million romantic comedy Marley & Me and the upcoming comedy The Baster. And she's still earning money from Friends and for endorsing Glaceau's SmartWater.

These two rivals are followed by Meryl Streep and Sarah Jessica Parker, earning $24 million and $23 million, respectively.

Source: Forbes

Photo: (c)Jeff Vespa/WireImage/Getty Images

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