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Sharon Stone: 51, Topless, OMG!

She's 51, but when Sharon Stone posed topless on French magazine Paris Match recently, she showed she could still give younger women a run for their money, according to Fox News.

Many women will probably scream "Unfair!" when they see Sharon Stone pose in nothing but a bondage-style ensemble of corset, leather boots, cage sandals and gloves. Unfair it may be, but this mother of three is still a looker and that "Basic Instinct" bod is still very flash-able and reminiscent of when she famously flashed the cameras in the 1992 film where she co-starred with Michael Douglas.

“I’m a person who feels that if it’s appropriate for the character I’m playing or the mood of the piece, then [posing nude] is no big thing,” the actress said.

All I can say is: I wish I have a body like that when I'm... 41.

Source: Fox News
Photo: Paris Match

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