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Paris Hilton's Pledge This! Court Battle

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Paris Hilton is by now very comfortable in courtrooms and with judges. After her past legal issues, the current lawsuit filed by the investors of the movie Pledge This! against her seems quite run-of-the-mill and, like, not so hoooot!

Pledge This!, the "ghastly movie" that, according to NBC Miami, earned only a measly 2.9 million at the box office, was made to the tune of $7.5 million, angering investors who claimed in their lawsuit that Paris Hilton did not do enough to promote the movie, that's why it flopped.

Paris looked very interested in the court proceedings, maybe because cell phones are not allowed inside the chambers. She put on a dab of makeup before taking the stand, saying:

"I promoted this movie from the very beginning, basically plugging this movie more than I ever plugged anything in my life. I'm an Aquarius, so I'm very creative. I do the creativity and they do the business."

After that bewildering speech, Paris buttered up to the judge saying, "You're the best judge ever!"

The judge replied: "Thanks, but I'm going to rule based on the law."

Oh, to be the court stenographer in that proceedings!

Source: NBC Miami

Photo: AP Photo/Alan Diaz

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