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Sean Penn's Puzzling Moves

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The Hollywood press is perplexed over recent decisions and actions made by long-time actor and Oscar winner Sean Penn, according to the New York Post. And it is not easy to perplex the media, more so the Hollywood paparazzi who eats perplexing Hollywood celebrity stunts day in and day out. They don't often flinch when LiLo or Paris get a DUI, and love it when Britney gets a new hairdo.

Nevertheless, Hollywood is "stunned and perplexed" by Penn's recent antics. Why? The guy is on a blitzkrieg of unpredictable moves, from reconciling with wife Robin Wright Penn for the second time, to cancelling two Hollywood movie projects ("Cartel" about a father protecting his son from a Mexican drug cartel and "The Three Stooges" with Jim Carrey and Benicio Del Toro), to dating 27-year old Hollywood actress Natalie Portman.

What's up with him? He has announced he is putting his career on hold to spend more time with family. Let's just take his word on it for now. Many think he only got back with his wife because Portman ditched him. If this is true, let's hope this guy straightens himself out. Being perplexed is so... inconvenient.

Source: New York Post

Photo: AP Photo/Jeff Christensen

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