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Hot "Baile" for Clinton?

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Shades of Monica or not? He's not from the Hollywood set, but former President Bill Clinton's sojourn to Buenos Aires just recently was covered by the Washington Post. And one of the juiciest tidbits that surfaced in that trip (and closest to Hollywood-style tidbits at that) was that Clinton and his pals partied in a famous cabaret called Crocodilo for a "noche de soltero" (boys' night out). And that a well-endowed brunette by the name of Andrea Rincón danced a "baile hot" private number for him.

The Post went on to say that the hot baile dancer was paid "very well" for that lap dance, but not by Clinton. Rincón says she just danced, and did not speak to him.

Clinton's camp countered that Rincón's story "is completely false. They were at the hotel playing cards with the former and current presidents". They were playing "Oh, Hell," a spokesman said.

Oh, well.

Source: Washington Post
Photo: AP Photo/Matt Sayles

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