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Who's the photo leaker of Rihanna's battered face?

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Chris Brown pleads not guilty to felony assault on (ex)-girlfriend Rihanna and turns on the LAPD for possibly leaking the decidedly unglamorous photo of good-girl-gone-battered Rihanna to the media, according to the NY Daily News. Chris Brown's lawyer wants to find out if there is "misconduct" in the photos being slipped to TMZ and if any LAPD personnel did the slipping. Never mind that the photo leak is not the "misconduct" here but the assault on Rihanna.

Rihanna's battered mug is not easy to look at, given the girl's constant media-perfect look, and the photo leak could potentially impact on the ongoing case between the ex-lovers.

Source: NY Daily News
Photo: Mazur/WireImage

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