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Mother's Day Poll: Jen a Better Mom than Angie?

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Incredible! In a recent poll made to coincide with Mother's Day, reveals that out of 10,000 readers, many would rather have their precious kids babysat by movie star Jennifer Aniston than movie power-couple team Brangelina! What? Must be those jet-setting travels across the world. What with the H1N1 pandemic and all. Or maybe despite her movie goddess persona Jen is just too tender, soft and motherly.

The readers also voted for Ellen DeGeneres and her partner Portia De Rossi as most trustworthy nannies. Jennifer Garner and Michelle Obama are the best moms. Must be all those photo-ops in the park for Jen and the campaign wave for Michelle. Dina Lohan, Kate Moss, and Courtney Love are voted monster moms. Could it be the late-night partying? Made for the movie mommies are a far cry from real moms, is all.

Source: ParentDish
Photo: CelebAppeal

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Jen definitely...super mom in the press or not Angelina has been very unstable and is flippant adopting all around the globe...hands down normally Jen.

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