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Miley's "goofy" Kodak Moment and a Law Suit

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When you're a famous teenager, a simple photo of you and your friends slanting your eyes can be considered a "racial insult" and could earn you a class suit. How's that again? As kooky as it sounds, Hannah Montana pop-princess Miley Cyrus was actually sued by Lucie Kim for insulting the Asian-Pacific Islander population in L.A. County, simply because she gestured THE gesture. Kim contested in her suit that Miley Cyrus should pay $4,000 for each Asian-Pacific Islander person that Cyrus inflicted with civil rights damages, totaling $4 billion if you counted the size of the ethnic mix of Asian and Asian-American people in the region.

Miley's legal team fired back with a testy challenge citing "equal access to public accommodations" and basically saying Cyrus did not discriminate and that Kim doesn't deserve payment for being offended.

Source: E! Online
Photo: AP Photo/Matt Sayles

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